Vision for the Future


Ensuring the future of Boggs requires a belief in the essential values, bold
aspirations for its long-term needs, and the courage to act to meet those needs.
For over 8 decades, Boggs has produced responsible leaders, creative
innovators, and committed public servants. Our confidence in our work comes
from a faith in the enduring importance of the institution and the higher
purpose that it serves.
With this in mind, we present this ambitious vision for the future, a stretching
set of aspirations that will focus our time, energy and resources for the coming
years. With this, we will build on the rock-solid foundation that come from
strong traditions, loyal alumni, community support, and a world-class staff.


BOGGS 20/20/20

A 20 year Strategic Plan for Boggs Rural Life Center


For Boggs in the 21st century, progress means preserving and strengthening
community amidst increasing diversity, cultivating students who are entrepreneurial
thinkers and problem-solvers, investing in our staff so they can make Boggs a transformative experience, and ensuing that we remain both affordable and financially sustainable.


In a world off distance learning and depersonalized social networking, our values- based, intensely personal approach to education has never been more relevant or more vitally important. Students will thrive on creative engagement with exceptional teachers, who inspire confidence, instill initiative, build character, and spark a sense of optimism and high purpose.

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We will secure Boggs position as one of the truly great centers of learning by enhancing this richly challenging environment. Our
community urgently needs Boggs’ responsible leaders, committed problem-solvers, and thoughtful innovators who
sincerely seek to make a difference.

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STABILIZE - Fund all improvements: Property, Staff, and Marketing ($1,000,000).


CAPITALIZE - Seize opportunities: Transitional, Hospitality and Agricultural
programs ($5,000,000).


GLOBALIZE - Take Boggs Experience to the world ($20,000,000). Develop a 21st Century micro school - grades K-12 - with learner-driven technology, Socratic discussions and real-world apprenticeships in an
intentionally diverse and character forging community ($20,000,000).

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